Law School Admission Predictor

Embarking on your legal education journey? Our Law School Admission Predictor helps streamline your application process. By entering your GPA and LSAT score, you’ll receive tailored recommendations on which law schools align with your academic profile. Discover your “safe,” “reasonable,” and “reach” schools and make informed decisions for your future.

Admissions Calculator Instructions

Using our Law School Admission Predictor is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to unveil your law school matches:

  1. Enter Your GPA: Provide your cumulative Grade Point Average. This tool is calibrated for GPAs on a 4.0 scale.
  2. Input Your LSAT Score: Input your Law School Admission Test score. Ensure it’s a valid score between 120 and 180.
  3. Click ‘Predict’: Once you’ve entered your details, click the ‘Predict’ button.
  4. Review Your Results: The tool will categorize law schools into “safe,” “reasonable,” and “reach” based on your academic credentials.

Note: “Safe” schools are institutions where your academic profile is above the typical accepted student, “reasonable” schools are where you align closely with the average admitted student, and “reach” schools are institutions where your profile might be below the typical accepted student but still within a potential range.

How to Interpret the Admissions Calculator Results

“Interpreting your results is key to understanding your potential law school journey:

  • Safe Schools: These are schools where your academic credentials surpass those of the typical admitted student. While acceptance is more likely, ensure the school aligns with your career goals and aspirations.
  • Reasonable Schools: Your GPA and LSAT score align closely with the average admitted student at these institutions. They represent a balanced mix of aspiration and realism.
  • Reach Schools: These are institutions where gaining admission might be more challenging based on your academic profile. However, other factors like personal statements, letters of recommendation, or extracurricular achievements can play a significant role.

Remember, while our tool provides insights based on data, the law school application process is holistic. Always consider all elements of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How accurate is the Law School Admission Predictor?
    • Our predictor uses historical data to provide insights. However, law school admissions are holistic, considering various aspects beyond just GPA and LSAT.
  2. Can I solely rely on this tool for my law school applications?
    • While our tool offers valuable insights, it’s essential to research each school, visit campuses, and consult advisors to make informed decisions.
  3. Why are ‘reach’ schools important?
    • Reach schools, while more challenging based on academic credentials, can offer unique opportunities. A holistic application might still secure you a spot.

Law School Compatibility Checker

Your LSAT Score 120
120 180
Your GPA 0.00
0.00 4.2
Safe Schools
  1. University of California, Irvine
  2. Villanova University
  3. Fordham University
  4. Boston College
  5. University of North Carolina
Reasonable Schools
  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. Northwestern University
  3. Georgetown University
  4. University of California, Los Angeles
  5. Yale University*
Reach Schools
  1. None for this user